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Facts from 1978

Cost of Living
Yearly inflation rate: 7.62%
Year-end close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 805
Federal Reserve interest rates: 11.75%
Average cost of new house: $54,800.00
Average income per year: $17,000.00
Average monthly rent: $260.00
Cost of a gallon of gas: 63 cents
1LB of bacon: $1.20
Dozen eggs: 48 Cents

Popular Films
Saturday Night Fever
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
National Lampoon's Animal House
Jaws 2
Heaven Can Wait
Revenge of the Pink Panther
The Deer Hunter

Popular Musicians
Bee Gees
Paul McCartney and Wings
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Rolling Stones
Boomtown Rats

Popular TV Programs
Happy Days
Little House on the Prairie
The Rockford Files
Good Morning America
Saturday Night Live
Wheel of Fortune
Charlie's Angels
The Muppet Show
The Love Boat
Three's Company

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