Paul Abbott will sell car stickers for William and Mary.

Bill Abrams will sell midget cars.

Ralph Acker will be treasurer of the International Y-Council.

Inky Adkins will be sure to have little "ink" spots.

Nancy Ailstock will be a leader in color fashion.

Jeanne Akers and Barbara Robbins will work together to become world reknown chemists.

Linda Alexander will be the U.S. representative to the UN.

Larry Alford will climb an unknown mountain peak and name it after his cousin.

Tenya Algor will follow tradition to become a Guidance Counselor.

Barbara Allen will drive busses to Annapolis and back.

Paul Allen will kick sand in some skinny boy's face.

Ken Allread will be a psychoanalyst for goldfish.

Jim Allwine will manufacture all wines.

Georgena Altenbach will design weather vanes.

Bev Anderson will dye her hair black.

Roy Appelman will sell apples door-to-door.

Lynda Arenson will someday become a seamstress.

Randy Armstrong will one day be a NY Yankee pitcher due to her strong arm.

Ellen Aronson will use her experience to become a librarian??

Christine Arthur will always be Harry Boscoe's girlfriend.

Michele Aument will be on the Olympic Track Team.


Mark Bailey will sell stained glass windows.

Charles Baldwin will be the future Mr. America.

Susie Ballance will lose her "ballance" and fall off a flying carpet.

Bill Ballou will be a  future artist for "MAD."

John Bankson will be a leading banker.

Lorraine Barber will sell combs.

Tom Barber will have baby mooses.

Bill Barksdale will someday become known as "circle."

Renny Barnes will set the world record for the only Rabbit who can do the Limbo.

Gerry Bass will be a guest on "Pete and His Pals."

Linda Bausserman, Fran Brown and Jane Braaten will use their knowledge gained in chemistry to make their own cosmetics.

Paul Bayne will count holes in the ceilings of Wakefield classrooms.

Dolores Beck will die laughing.

Don Beebe will run independently for President of the US.

Dave Bennett will someday get used to American teenagers, and get rid of his nickname -- "Davide."

Mary Bennett will be the best woman reporter in Germany.

Denise Bettis will be a walking, talking IBM machine.

Bruce Bianco will own his own brewery.

Susie Billingsley will sell broken roller skates to future water skiers, then will become a Spanish Interpreter for a Hot Tamale factory.

Carol Blank will never leave anything blank.

Carolyn Bliss will be a good advertisement for “National Smile Week.”

Patti Boesch will someday instruct people on how to pronounce her name.

Francine Boody will be a saleswoman for Avon.

Candy Bosker will never turn sour.

Nick Boulware will sell Boul-ware

Janne Bowen will revolutionize wigwams.

Pat Bowerman will collect pink slips at college.

Linda Bowling will someday revise Pamela.

Dave Boyd will own stock in a phone company specializing in calls to Mary Washington.

Pat Braafladt will warn her little sister about Mr. Reynolds.

Carol Brasse will help Elliott Ness strike for prohibition.

Peggy Brawand will be a manufacturer of glass slippers for Walt Disney productions.

Rita Brenner will become a hair stylist’s guinea pig.

Janice Briggman will be a fur manufacturer.

Jim Brilhart certainly will be a Phi Beta Kappa.

Elizabeth Bronson will return as Miss Whittaker’s concert aide.

Nancy Brooks will marry a guy named Streams.

Herb Brown will be competition for Ben Casey in “kiddies” wards.

Sheila Brown will someday sing at her own wedding.

Steve Brown will sell all his awards to some ego-seeking under-classmen.

Dennis Brugman will be a brug man.

Sandra Budde will dissect flowers for future Biology classes.

Heather Bunte will be accomplished in golf—and bunt her ball in the heather.


John Calhoun will sue the Kingston Trio for plagiarizing.

Linda Call will manufacture telephones.

Joan Carlson will sell French pastry professionally.

Larry Caruthers will organize a nation-wide Library Fund Drive.

Tony Castelda will return to Sr. Math and bring forth much wisdom.

Wesley Chesser will be a professional program planner.

Diane Chettle will convert Glebe Rd. into a drag strip.

Bob Christiansen will buy bright clothes.

Yahna Christensen will tell her parents next time she decides to go to New York.

Janice Claeys will someday have time to eat her lunch.

Andy Clark will return to blow up bus # 21.

Bill Clark will someday forget to get a hair cut.

Sharon Clarke will be a fashion consultant for Vogue.

Jeanne Cobb will sell corn cobb mush in DC.

Robert Cobb will someday forget to wear his medals.

Mike Cochran will manufacture red socks for annual Bermuda Days.

Robert Coco will grind cocoa beans used in making chocolate.

Mickey Coe will try to convert Bricks into a Parisian night club.

Ellen Cogswell will make cogs well.

David Comings will enter the Olympics—will then break his leg.

Steve Cook will publish his own “cook” book.

Iva Cooke will return to replace Mrs. Parker in Central Attendance.

Frances Copperthite will be a pro “sun-burn cream rubber” for Psi at Ocean City.

Ann Cornell will be coach of the Glovetrotters.

Coupe Couperthwaite will manufacture a Couperthwaite Coupe Mark IV.

Tom Cox will be a student teacher and Sergeant At Arms for Mr. Bell.

Robert Creswell will be 12‑11's mascot.

Peggy Crunkilton will be the official welcoming committee for one Amherst student.

Tom Cullen will be Senator of Outer Slavania.

Jim Cunningham will erect a home with a convertible roof.


Paul Daniel will revise Webster's Dictionary.

Bill Darnall will teach North Carolina gals etiquette.

Gail Darne will always be a darne nice girl.

Paul Darnell will 1ive happily ever after.

Sally Daughtry will be orienter for future sophomores.

Connie Davis will become a choral instructor.

Nancy Dawson will simplify Wakefield.

Cathie Day will be a filibuster instructor at the U.N.

Joe Delaney will be received by Miss Morris with open arms.

Mike DeLatour will sing, and sing, and sing....

Bud Delphin will never forget Dr. Peplow.

Donald Deuit will "deuit" again.

Bill Dereuter will call roto‑reuter.

Liz Dewton will become a can-can dancer–without a baton.

Ruth Ann Dick will be an operator at Ft. Myer.

Charles Dinges will someday lengthen the breaks at Wakefield.

Pete Dodson will begin brand new "black books" and sell them.

Jimmy Doolin will always cross intersections repeating those fatal words  "Be Careful."

Irene Dortzbach will give her “dortz” back.

Connie Draheim will wear the same dress twice.

Georgianne Dunavant will one day return to the library, for spite.

Nancy Dunaway will be the official attendence taker for "National Study Halls, Inc."

Nikki Duncan will someday spell her name with one “K.”

Nancy Dunham will always be the first one to the water fountain.

Leon Durham  will get used to carrying his books like "Wombats."

Anna Dusenbury will forever be a lender of typing paper.

Barbara Dyson will always be looking for "The Problem."


Earl Edmondson will always wear bermudas‑‑even to his wedding.

Anne Elliott will forget to comb her hair.

Bob Elliott will be tradesman for U.S. Royal.

Ed Ellis will sew up his shoes.

Ginger Engelmann will always be a ginger snap.

Gaby Eordogh will some day let people call her Gabriella.

Eric Erickson will always be accident prone.

Larry Evans will fight for prohibition at U. VA.

Tom Evans will always decorate for Club '62 Events.


Evelyn Fagan will help Miss Wilson Psychoanalyze Seniors.

Margie Fagan will remember to report to her classes at Radford.

Betsy Farioletti will invent instant hair coloring.

Rod Farnor will keep his merit card until it decays.

George Farrace will race Corvettes.

Carolyn Fentress will teach German to modified English students.

Mary Ferguson will forever dream of her Sr. Kindergarten Class.

Doug Fink will never be one.

Vigi Flax will never ride in Triumphs again.

Nancy Fletcher will teach her brother the ropes of H.S. existence.

John Fogelgren will always “Gren at fogels."

Edward Ford will not buy a Ford ....cause

Jeanette Ford will buy a Ford.

Judy Ford will sell sun glasses to future Wakefield Seniors.

Betty Fought will inspect trapeze rigs.

Marla Fowler will forget to smile.

Charles Fravel will fight Fidel in France.

Marsha Fridge will prevent humidity.

Carol Frisbie will campaign against hysteria.

Robert Fuller will race sports cars.

Claire Fulton will change her name to E. Claire.


John Gabel will know how to behave in D.C.

Thomas Gachet will return to Barrett School and let them know how he made it.

Ed Gaddy will invent his own vocabulary.

Betty Galenski will remember the Sr. Lobby.

Ned Garber will create his own little league baseball team.

Phil Gaujot will be a babysitter for sick elephants.

Harold Gear will make “screwdrivers” for the Mayfare.

Craig Gibson will sell safety pins to expectant mothers.

Marian Gilmore will help put the “ooooh” in shampoo.

Nancy Glezen will be a choreographer for Mrs. Dando.

Frank Glover will enlarge Golden Point’s selection of hamburgers.

Pam Glover will model high fashion space suits.

Cheryl Gohn will forget her baton.

Michael Goodwin will forget her pencil.

Cristina Gorrell will pickle pickled pickle potato chip dip.

Jim Gould will one day learn to use trash cans.

Walter Gragasin will buy new STOP signs for Arlington.

Marj Graybill will open up her own book store.

Karen Gregg will fix broken telephone dials.

Jerry Griffin will be a professional counter of money…one for them, three for me…

Mike Grinder will dye his hair red.

Bert Grisard will hopefully convince his teachers at Wakeforest that his name is not BRET.

Ken Gronberg will do another cross-country crusade.


Chris Hagen will be the first man on the moon.

Clarence Hall will rat race in D.C.

Michal Hall will someday join the Men’s Army and satisfy the Draft Board.

Ricky Hall will sell M & M’s in Greenwich Village.

Virginia Hall will continue her Hula lessons.

Ann Hammond will one day be early arriving home.

Sandy Hanks will sing baritone for the Metropolitan Opera Co.

Bill Harp will start his own music shop.

Mary Harrill will finish “Famous Critics in our Decade.”

Dan Harris will light candles at New York nightclubs.

Rod Harvill will remember 12-17 for its intellectual discussions.

Russell Hatchl will store his Wakefield jacket.

Earl Hayes will make people realize he’s not a relative of Gabby.

Keith Helmick will represent “Contact Lens, Inc.”

Skip Henderson will never stop Twisting.

Stanlee Henderson will understand the pythagorean theorum.

Mary Henning will prefer school over work.

Bill Heritage will give free instructions on “Mono.”

Bob Herlacher will like cigars.

Don Herndon will keep parties in style.

Donna Herron will organize a society of “Bow Wearers.”

Joan Higbee will be a consultant for “Hig Bees.”

Sharon Higgins will load rifles for TV Westerns.

Linda Hill will renew her contract with "Light and Bright."

Pam Hill will be commentator for boxing matches.

Tim Hill will bring lounge chairs to the senior court.

Shelly Hinz will campaign for burlap shoes.

John Hockman will invent lower elevated shoes.

Dirk Hoekstra will become a democrat.

Susan Hooper will "kick" the gum habit.

Ann Horton will censor Sr. Scholastics.

Shirley Hostetler will edit previous copies of the Starstone.

Cindy How will work for CIA.

Barbara Howdershell will inspect unions for legal procedure.

Charlie Howell will arouse school spirits at U.VA.

Gary Howerton will be a pencil sharpener for a lumber company.

Bobby Howes will learn to laugh.

Missy Hubers will be on the Olympic Tennis Team.

Andy Hughes will pull up grass in the Senior Court.

B.J. Hunter will sell her cheerleading outfits wholesale.


Sue Ingram will forever blow the French Horn.


Lena Jakobsson will leave with a new English vocabulary.

Pat James will serve celery halves at annual Honor Society Banquets.

Tom Jennings will take Driver Ed. III.

Karen Jensen will open up private Coke machines.

Cheryl Johnson will design fashions for "Spas, Inc."

Joy Johnson will puncture her finger while sewing.

Mary Johnson will understand jokes.

Michael Johnson will tell what the E. stands for in his middle name.

Vicki Johnson will someday understand politics.

Martha Johnson will own stock in "The Shadows."

Buck Jones will manufacture Senior basketball outfits.

Ken Jones will open up his own photography studio.

Judy Junkins will write names in wet cement.


Marty Kalweit will make a "stab" at the business world.

Joan Kangas will fail a test.

Joe Keesling will manufacture fire extinguishers for Wakefield chemistry classes.

Lucien Keller will sell Mighty Moes at Hot Shoppes.

Dan Kennedy will be President of the U.S.

Paul Kennedy will give autographs of his signature.

Marty Kent will only smoke his brand, "Kent."

Bonnie Kershner will live surrounded by cats.

Sharon Ketcham will campaign against P.A. announcements.

Gary Keuhner will become principal at W&L.

Judy Kidwell will make her kids well.

Pete Kier will hate beer.

Janet Kilby will write a book entitled "The Kid."

John Kinsey will thread needles professionally.

Kay Kirby will open up Kirby's curb Service.

Bob Kirby will devise a procedure for instant thoughts.

Lynn Kirkpatrick will type her way to fame and fortune.

Linda Kirshner will open a bike repair shop, and roller skates too.

Vicki Klein will never ask why questions.

Tony Kleitz will have no fights.

Jim Knight will rescue the fair maiden.

Judy Knupp will stay awake in Government.

Pam Koch will start her own GM Corp.

 Bettie Koenig will write literary masterpieces for Mr. Groves.

Judy Kohler will paint toothpicks for sophisticated cocktail parties.

Alan Kooney will always be welcome at his favorite Friday night spot.

Doug Kritzer will learn to drive on sidewalks.

Frank Krogman will cut spaghetti for Chef Boyardee.


Pat Lady will always be one.

Jay Lambert will forever have in his memory the cherished thoughts of Mrs. Aplin.

Tom Lamone will always be UGLY.

Bob Lane will reach six feet.

John Lane will give tips to Jrs. on how to get out of study hall.

Dan Larrick will wear loafers.

Curt Larson will grade Home Ec. exams.

Val LaTendresse will shorten her name.

Don Lathen will sell classic comic books.

Judy LaVerne will be shipping clerk for used cockroaches.

Donna Lawrence will sell all Club '62 dance posters at a discount.

Joyce Lee will bring about a housewife revolution.

Judy Leffew will become a professional baton twirler.

Bill Legg will slow down to a slow sprint.

Sam LeMay will give Miss Whittaker a daily report as to his location.

Virginia Lerch won't get tan.

Diana Lewis will campaign for muses wearing tennis shoes.

Marvin Lewis will be a cello tuner-upper.

Dave Lindeman will inspect Star Kissed Tuna.

Leslie Lindsay will install elevators in Wakefield.

Charles Little will be big.

Jan Loiselle will sell her majorette outfit for 39˘ plus tax.

Penny Loving will be a feather dancer......

Judy Lowe will never feel "low."

Priscilla Lowell will make Dr. Kildare blouses.

Bob Lowry will collect all his water buckets and sell them.

Tom Loy will be a flame thrower in the Marines.

Bev Luttrell will run out of clothes.

Ron Lynch will become a social worker.

Stuart Lynn will change his name to Lynn Stuart.

Jay Lyon will have a heart like a "lyon."


Roberta Maag will collect her debts.

Mike Maby will become a rescuer of people that fall over Niagara.

Tom Maki will be voted "Gross" of the year.

Barney Malone will make Malone–baloney.

Mary Mann will learn Trig.

Emmett Mannix will forget a girl's face.

Michele Manzano will bake pizzas in Alaska.

Bobby Marchant will burn all of Mrs. Parker's pink slips.

Roxie Marshall will be on time.

John Mason will become a mason.

Kent Mayo will stay awake in study halls.

Mary Lou Mays will manufacture sun tan lotion.

Louis McAdory will write up his own Periodic Table of the elements.

Bill McClemons will run a Kool-Aid Factory.

Margaret McCombs will make McCombs Combs.

Zan McCormick will keep a car for a year/?

Bill McDermott will be a lizard exterminator in Mexico.

Sue McDermott will be a brain surgeon.

John McFarland will be a window washer for the Hecht Co.

Sandra McGovern will be the first woman president of Disney Land.

Nancy McInnis will pay to see a movie in Buckingham.

Nan McIver will gain 40 pounds.

Dan McMahon will pound nails for lazy carpenters.

Satilla Means will be a gym teacher.

Judy Melton will chop ice for Popsicles, Inc.

Marilyn Meredith will sell used bus tokens to counterfeiters.

Larrie Merold will have a daughter called Joey.

Bill Metzler will give sophisticated parties at his unusual home.

John Meyers will string pearls for a jeweler.

Carol Mickelsen will organize her own Contact Lens Co.

Raymond Milberg will never again tell jokes at track meets.

Debbie Miller  will use her voice to convince enemies to surrender.

Jerry Miller will sell lollipops door-to-door.

Margaret Miller will make bread.

Margaret Miller will organize a pogo-stick rider's union.

Penny Miller will wear Bermudas on Bermuda Day.

Margie Mills will sell little knitted squares to future Wentworth students.

Sissie Mitchell will marry a mailman.

Elise Mobberley will baby-sit for sick porcupines.

Sharon Monroe will one day flunk a Government exam.

Harriotte Montague will write a book about the virtues of Mono.

Sandy Moore  will be a fuller brush lady.

John Moran will raise monkeys.

Linda Morris will solve the puzzle of the leaning tower of Piza.

John Morrison will represent the Rifle Club at International meets.

George Moseley will sell ladders to midgets.

Alec Moss will specialize in "Cinders."

Larry Motz will write fan mail letters to all of his teachers.

Paula Murphy will sell candy kisses in carnivals.

Joan Muse will start her own private Pony Express between Mary Washington and North Carolina.

Maureen Myers will become a famous cook in a D.C. restaurant.


Niki Newkirk will be a professional cheerleader to teach yells.

Barbara Newlon will become an expert at sweeping ceilings.

Susan Nicholas will follow the footsteps of her father and organize moonlight dances on tennis courts.

Mary Noffsinger will hold table tennis parties until she retires.

Orrin Nunley will run and run and run.


Kenny O'Dell will move to Shrub street.

Larry O'Hara will build Popsicle stick monuments.

Pat O'Hara will set up a Wakefield Annex at Ocean City.

Patti O'Neal will get a solid gold dog leash to match her solid gold charm bracelet.

Nikki Orr will lick stamps for post office officials.

Marc Ostinato will be a playwright.

Sandra Overton will always receive strange phone calls during the night.

Will Owens will repair jeeps.


Larry Palmer will make a hole-in-one.

Andy Pandolfo will raise pandas.

Nancy Papa will work for central intelligence.

Chris Parel will be a "Fink."

Pat Parker will be a famous cellist.

Ron Parnell will sell clothespins.

Peter Parrish will work with Perry Mason.

Nancy Parrott will lose her contact lenses.

Penny Paska will have a visit from Michael Anthony.

Jane Patterson will ring door bells.

Margaret Paulson will breed drosophila.

LaVada Peace will tour the world.

John Perry will paint dots on golf balls.

Bobby Pessaud will be a famous mathematician.

James Peters will someday be allowed to enter a shorthand class.

Marty Petit will spend his life studying the “Tell-Tale Heart.”

Mary Pherson will lead a Girl Scout troop.

Carlton Phillips will sharpen pencils.

Elaine Phillips will manage a gasoline company.

Gene Pilcher will be a professional homeroom messenger.

Sara Piovia will flunk out of college?????

Bernie Pitts will raise olives.

Jeff Pless will peddle overdue library books door-to-door.

Martha Poole will be a professional “Byrd” watcher.

Paul Poppen will own a popcorn factory.

Sonny Porter will be a bellboy.

Bonnie Poucher will return to Wakefield next year to manage the School Store.

Martha Price will be Wakefield’s version of Martha Raye.

Don Proulx will do advertisements in Las Vegas for showgirls.

Frank Pulley will become a professional Hustler and will run a joint called “More Friendly.”

Gail Puzak will manufacture high heel shoes.


Judy Ralston will own a cereal factory.

Gordon Rathgeber will raise frogs.

Lynda Reed will own a bookstore.

Marcia Reeves will be a soda jerk.

John Reinhart will make spokes for bicycle tires.

Karen Rench will be a mechanic.

Jesse Rhodes will end up under the floorboard of his T-Bird.

Chris Ricker will sell broken scissors to junk yards.

Donna Ridgway will be hauled off O.C. beach for overexposure.

Donna Riney will slice cucumbers for a pickle factory.

Cornelia Rixse will marry a Cuban.

Bill Roberson will be a “VIP” in New York.

Carole Robinson will be Secretary of the U.S. Senate.

Louis Rochez will paint strips on barber’s poles.

Jackie Rose will own a florist shop.

Joan Rosenberger will open up a clothing store and furnish it with her wardrobe.

Al Rotola will return next year to enjoy the comforting atmosphere of the Senior Court while learning scripts.

Nancy Rowan and Sandy Hanks will be famous scientists in the field of growing crystals.

Joel Rubenstein will be president of the NHS at Yale.

Jose Ruiz will adopt an easier name to pronounce.


Wayne Sams will sprinkle stardust on Xmas tree decorations.

Carol Sanders will go into the business of knitting squares for a firm called Wentworth and Co.

Nancy Sanders will write short stories for MAD

Sheryl Sanxter will paint white lines on streets and highways.

Robert Satterfield will paint targets for girls’ gym classes.

Chuck Satterfield will help Robert.

 Bernadene Schlien will instruct all future Iota members on the Ins and Outs of being a president.

Roger Schwenke will sell little pink pills to all future Wakefield students who find themselves sick of school.

Brenda Scogno will excel in advanced peddle pushing.

David Scott will lead his Senior college basketball team to victory over unsuspecting Juniors.

John Scott will push buttons for IBM.

Carole Seckman will raise frogs and enter them in the International Frog jumping contest.

Monica Seminario will spend the rest of her life trying to learn how to spell her name.

Gary Senechal will peddle Mad comic books door to door.

Debbie Service will be a professional merry-go-round rider.

Peggy Seyfried will sell sunback dresses to future Wakefield girls.

Lee Shafer will work in a fountain pen factory.

Karen Sharp will be a hair stylist after all the experience she has gained this year.

Bob Shelton will be a spastic for the rest of his life.

Wayne Shepherd will be a famous astronaut.

Sam Sher will run a wayward home for lost cats.

Robert Shewmaker will not be a shoe maker, but instead will dye hair professionally.

Diane Shorter will have a daughter and call her Shortest.

Phil Shuman will climb up to the balcony of a famous young marquise named Roxanne.

Florence Simpson will be a politician because of the experience she gained in Mr. Reynold’s government class.

Judi Skeldon will cut paper dolls to be used on Romper Room.

Ron Skinner won’t be.

Bob Smart will be.

Jim Smiley will be the Mr. Sardonicus of tomorrow.

Darlene Smith will raise hybrid corn to feed under-nourished rabbits.

Jim Smith will one day drive his own Cadillac to college.

Joyce Smith will be a professional hair teaser.

Kay Smith will always make trips to the Barrs.

Marcia Smith will be a world famous fashion designer and seamstress.

Valerie Smith will be a professional make-up artist.

Bob Somers will be a librarian for future math students.

Joan Sparacino will raise sparrows.

Claudia Stadden will become a hairdresser.

Raymond Stann will dig up something to do.

Sandy Staub will run a joint downtown called “Haggies.”

Gwen Stegner will one day pay up her bill at Garfinkle’s.

Frankie Stewart will be a counselor at GAA Camp.

Pam Stewart will go into business selling His and Her shirts, blouses and bermudas.

Mary Etta Stiegel will be a college football star.

Judy Stillson will manufacture light bulbs.

David Stoneburner will be an algebra teacher.

Sandy Stout will someday push her car through snow blizzards by herself.

Kathy Stovall will teach goldfish to cry.

Kent Stow will be a model for men’s suspenders.

Skip Straw will manufacture Spoolies.

Joyce Stringfellow will change her name to Ropefellow.

Louis Sussolz will open a cleaners to take care of all the muddy clothes compiled during the Psi-Zeta picnic.

Ann Svedburg will paint stop signs for all dirt roads in Alaska.

Susan Svedburg will tip her hair with blue dye.

Bill Swan will have little ducklings--ugly of course.

Abby Swanick will work as a cigarette girl.

Harry Swanson will be a professional collector of rare bottle caps and match book covers.

Mark Swelling will lead tours of the US House and Senate.

Maxine Swick will model for Saks of N.Y.


Marinel Talbott will design the secret formula for making “see-thru” wooden test tubes.

Sharon Talbott will design the advertisements while acting as the Sealy Posturpedic lady.

Pat Talley will be a professional timer at dog fights.

Lynn Taylor will someday return to become President for the Wakefield PTA.

Scott Taylor will be a bill collector.

Sharon Taylor will design educational toys for two year olds.

Tommy Tebbs  will become a professional painter of fire hydrants.

Tom Tenney will return next year to help Mrs. Lanpher run the movie projector.

Sandy Teu will continue his series of Johnny Speed short stories, ballads, and poems.

Diana Tharpe will model sundecks.

Anne Thompson will dig a tunnel from Radford to VPI.

Barry Thompson will paint birdhouses pink with white stripes.

Gayle Thompson will make a recording of “O Where, O Where” that will become number 1 on the Hit Parade.

Richard Thompson will become a milkman.

Gilbert Till will be an antique auctioneer.

James Tiller will make price charts for the Internal Revenue Service.

Helene Tilleux will report on government affairs for the N.Y. Times.

Nancy Tolson will announce to the world her real name—Bernadette.

Mike Trahos will make a fortune manufacturing ball point pens that will only write under water.

Sue Tucker will become a professional collector for the Library Fund Drive.

John Tully will manufacture blue shoe laces to be sold to all members of Wakefield Gym classes.

Christine Tumilty will buy and sell used donut holes.

Joyce Turner will sell train tickets on the black market to U. VA.

Bob Tyler will ring doorbells and run away at the age of 55.

Sue Tyler will do M & M commercials on T.V.

Kenneth Tyskowski will marry a mermaid.


Bill Underhill will have a middle age bulge by the time he is 25.

Lois Urbanske will become a county board member following in the footsteps of her father.

Skip Urquhart will open a speech school especially designed to teach students to spell and pronounce his name.

Charlotte Utter will pick up butts in the Senior Court professionally.

Laura Utterback will “utter” back everything she wants to say.


Jocelyn Van Dorpe will manufacture a new cereal that goes dorpe, eprod, and orped.

Brenda Van Horn will model two piece bathing suits for Vogue.

Nancy Van Tuyl will beat Margie Mills in badminton and become the new champ.

Joseph Van Winkle will change his name to Rip and sleep for twenty years.

Karl Veit will stock the sock department at Haberdasher’s with his vast collection of rare specimens.

Jeri Vermette will be a caretaker of Yogi Bear.

Linda Vermillion will be official photographer for Sigma’s activities.

Steve Vermillion will manufacture chocolate bunnies.

Carol Vogler will model kiddie-cars.

Sally Voigt will serve as minority leader in the US Senate.

Bige Vona will take back to Turkey the tradition of wearing Bermuda shorts to school.


Judy Wade will someday give up “wading” and try swimming.

Joanne Wakeman will someday go out with the wrong Sheffield.

Mary Lee Waldman will model sweaters for Esquire.

Dave Walker will manage an Old Spice factory.

Lila Walker will become a runner.

Richard Walker will do the mashed potato eventually??

Kaye Wallace will train kangaroos how to box.

Dale Walters will have two daughters-one named Frankie, the other Billie.

Thomas Warren will sell Glenn buttons door to door.

Lynn Wasuta will marry a witch doctor named Atusaw.

Bart Watson will someday paint his ’55.

Ed Waugaman will use his experience to marry June Wilkerson.

Pat Weasmer will invent an “Express” to be installed in the Senior Court.

Butch Weaver will sell hotdogs at baseball games.

Frances Weaver will become manager of the Mohawk Rug Company.

Elyse Weber will kill herself the day she becomes a grandmother (after memories of her own mischief).

Linda Weinel will design sleek and trim flyswatters.

Charlie Weiss will win a trophy at Manassas—if it ever reopens.

Linda Wells will earn her MRS degree at VPI.

Sandy Wendling will be in Dayton, Ohio at 9:00 PM on June 15, 1962.

Steve Wertime will beat Speedy Gonzalez in tennis.

LeRoy West will go into business in the East.

Phyllis West will one day get a DA.

John Wigal will never be able to convince people that his name isn’t wiggle.

Vann Wilder will make tracks to UT.

Andrea Wilfong won’t fong.

Doris Wilkins will be executive secretary for Wilkins coffee.

Kay Willey will cut her hair and dye it black.

Barry Williams will have three kids—all six feet tall.

Bob Williams will change his name to Tennessee.

Barbara Wilmar will become a Driver Ed Teacher.

Mike Wines will write a book on the Ins and Outs of Slumber Parties.

Bill Wiseman will run a Vic Tanney Salon.

Gina Witt will give lessons in poise.

Pat Wolfrey will be a lady mailman.

Jim Woodford will own stock in the wood Ford company.

Grace Woolley will someday buy her own cigarettes.

Caroldean Wooten will be a lover on TV soap operas.

Tommy Wortley will be in a chorus in all-male follies.


Virginia Yancey will teach the techniques of throwing boomerangs.

Bob Youngblood will sell his green monster to the Smithsonian Institute.


Jenny Zabawa will marry first a football player, then a wrestler, then a baseball player and will wear a letter sweater to her wedding.

Bizhan Zarnegar will raise gorillas in Zanzibar.

Jo Zeh will be a travel agent for Thailand.