Wakefield High School Golden Jubilee



Plans are underway for a big celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Wakefield.  In September 1953, Wakefield opened with 1,529 students in grades seven through ten.  To mark this anniversary, a group of alumni, students, parents and staff (current and retired) are working to plan an event for everyone who has been a part of Wakefield's history.  The date for the event will be set after the 2003 football schedule is determined.


The celebration will kick off with an all-school assembly to share some of Wakefield's history with its current student body.  Friday night, friends of Wakefield are invited to a "pep rally" in the cafeteria and then to go as a group to the football game. 


Saturday the school will be open for a variety of fun and interesting events.  Included will be a "history fair".  Remember those old science fairs?  This will be along those lines but the gym will be filled with memories of Wakefield and old friends instead of science experiments.  Tours will take place throughout the day.  An oral history, historical video, timeline and much more are being created to commemorate this event.


For more information or to volunteer to help plan this event, contact Conchita Mitchell, (Class of 1966) at 703-892-4780 or  To make a contribution, checks made payable to “Wakefield High School PTA”, can be sent to Susan Trice (Class of 1963) at 3102 North Dinwiddie Street, Arlington, VA 22207.